It’s Mother’s Day Who Cares!

This is exactly how I used to feel whenever it was mothers day. My mum passed away when I was 4 years old so I never felt like celebrating someone I didn’t have.

Fast forward many years later. Now that I have become a mother I have realised that giving birth doesn’t make you a mother. I know many people who do not have children of their own but are most definitely mothers. I believe it is how you care and love a child that matters.

So I say Happy Mothers Day to any woman who is considered a mother in the child’s eyes. They should all be celebrated!

My Child is Better Than Yours

Speaking to other mums I get a general feeling that everyone seems to think that their child is advanced. This would be great if it were true but generally speaking I think we are all a bit bias and think that our children are made of gold dust.

Today I took my son for his 2 year old check. I’ve been for this check before with my older child so I knew what to expect. To say that this Health Visitor was piling on the pressure would be an understatement. At one point she asked him to balance on one leg and when he didn’t she said “we’ll need to address this at the end, its very important”. I mean seriously you could see the disinterest written all over his face. This is a very active 2 year old that has weekly rugby lessons. I’m sure if he wanted to stand on one leg he could.

Some parents take these remarks that the professionals say so seriously. I think we need to stop focusing too much on what they say. I choose to pay a little bit more attention to my own expectations as I know my child best.

I’m a Scared Mummy

They have been calling it the beast from the east. That is the extremely cold weather and snow we are currently experiencing in London.

At times like this my heart goes out to parents with their young children having to wait at bus stops for public transport. As I drive by all I want to do is stop and offer someone a lift but when I watch the news it reminds me of how unsafe our society can be. In this day and age danger comes in so many unsuspected forms.

Moments like this remind me that the little things I take for granted like being able to drive my kids around is wishful thinking for some. I am truly humbled when I see how some people have to get around with their kids on terrible weather. I wish our society was a safer place so that we can do a lot more to help one another without potentially putting ourselves at risk.

Maternity Leave Mums

How on earth do you get bored! I have never understood mothers on maternity leave that go back to work before their maternity leave is over and give the excuse that they were bored. I mean really? I am on my third maternity leave from work and I have never felt bored. If anything there is not enough time to do all that you want to do. In between dealing with baby, housework and my errands I find it hard to do other things such as write this blog lol.

On a serious note, those of you that are bored or just struggling to find things to do with your time off. You’ll be surprised how many things you can find to do with baby. Those of you that are feeling this way should make google your best friend and I can assure you that you will never run out of things to do! You will also be surprised how many free things there are to do such as museums. so go online and check it out.

Are There Pregnant Liars?

Not sure I believe this, I mean is this even possible. A mother of 3 reported that she has given birth to her fourth child. She says she had no idea she was pregnant because she had a monthly period and the pregnancy tests she took were negative. She says she woke up in pain and randomly gave birth. Click here to check out the full story.

Having felt pregnancy 3 times in the past surely you would know if you were pregnant right? Given that the baby was alive would you not have felt it kick? Are there pregnancies where you never feel the baby kick?

I’m not sure I believe this story, who knows if its true? but then why would she lie? I’ll leave you to decide.

Free Money For Working Parents

Sounds too good to be true right? Well guess what this time it is true.

I went online to apply for the 30 hours of free childcare which working parents can claim. When doing so I was automatically signed you up for tax-free childcare. I was pleasently surprised to find out this means that for every £8 you pay towards childcare the government will pay an extra £2. I’ve just paid £1100 to test it out and was delighted to see that the government credited me £275 bringing my childcare account balance to £1375.

Working parents need to claim this money while its available. If you cannot claim yourself share this information with someone who can. Click here for more information.

Disobedient Kids Can Go Hungry

Seriously people really do love to have a good moan. Bishop Justus Church of England School in Bromley, south London will not serve school dinner to students who are not wearing their school blazers. Parents have hit out at the school making all sorts of comments. I won’t go into it.

Parents we need to remember that schools are there to teach our kids and instil some discipline in them. If this means the policy on uniform requires that it must be worn at all times, what is the real issue? We need to start uniting with our schools instead of finding any excuse to attack them and have a moan. Lets also remember they are providing a FREE education so let’s be nice.

They Didn’t Kill Their Babies

El Salvador

(Image: AFP, The Mirror)

It is stories like this that remind me I am truly blessed just by simply being a mother in the western world.

How on earth can you be jailed for suffering a miscarriage or giving birth to a still born baby? All because it can be linked to draconian laws on murder and abortion. This is what is happening to women in El Salvador. At a time of tragedy and pain women are facing further punishment and being thrown in jail for up to 40 years.

There is the case of Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez Cruz a teenager who was raped and suffered a miscarriage. She is currently serving a 30 year prison sentence. I have no words, I am in total disbelief. The Mirror have reported on the story for more information.

Party Crashers!


20180209_124950.jpgI’ve accepted I will no longer be able to take a number 2 in peace lol. Every time I go in the bathroom they sense the door lock and come running. Sometimes I’m just in there trying to steal 15 minutes of peace so that I can do a bit of online banking or reply to emails.

Today I thought let me switch locations. There I was wrapped away like a caterpillar in the hammock. It felt so good in fact too good to be true, but I wanted to enjoy it. So I thought I’ll make the most of it and squeeze in a little nap first. Just as my eyes closed I felt something grab hold of me. I kept my eyes closed and screamed because I’m a real big baby and thought it was a lizard or some other creature. I then hear giggling and open my eyes. There the kid’s were reminding me it was too good to be true.

They crash my private party each and every time! Can someone please tell me at what age this will stop? When do they start minding their own business? Lol