Living In A War Zone

(Image: Reuters)

More deaths due to gun and knife crime and its beginning to sound disgustingly casual almost like saying “another one bites the dust”. This is far from the London I grew up in.

It definitely takes a village and ‘The Village’ need to pull together to nurture and guide these kids. We all need to drop little seeds of wisdom and guidance in the young people we interact with and as they grow all of these good seeds that have been planted over time will come to fruition.

I think we will have more hope working as a community to tackle this. When I think of the police concerning this matter, I think of Stephen Lawrence and how they treated his case. So I ask how do we as ‘The Village’ engage our young people ? Especially those that may lack guidance at home.

Do black teenage girls look ridiculous?

20180502_130245.jpgI made a rare journey on a London bus during the morning rush hour and I stood there observing those around me as you do. I saw a group of black girls in their school uniform who I assume were on their way to school.

I couldn’t help but think to myself how did we get to a place where black teenageĀ girls go to school wearing wigs or super long weave disguising their natural hair. How has this become normal at such a young age? Think about it and say it to yourself “black teenage girl wearing a wig to school” it sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Look at what society has done to our young black queens and as parents have we allowed it?

This just makes me feel likeĀ I now need to work even harder to ensure my 4 year old daughter will grow up and feel comfortable with her hair.