My Child is Better Than Yours

Speaking to other mums I get a general feeling that everyone seems to think that their child is advanced. This would be great if it were true but generally speaking I think we are all a bit bias and think that our children are made of gold dust.

Today I took my son for his 2 year old check. I’ve been for this check before with my older child so I knew what to expect. To say that this Health Visitor was piling on the pressure would be an understatement. At one point she asked him to balance on one leg and when he didn’t she said “we’ll need to address this at the end, its very important”. I mean seriously you could see the disinterest written all over his face. This is a very active 2 year old that has weekly rugby lessons. I’m sure if he wanted to stand on one leg he could.

Some parents take these remarks that the professionals say so seriously. I think we need to stop focusing too much on what they say. I choose to pay a little bit more attention to my own expectations as I know my child best.

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