Disobedient Kids Can Go Hungry

Seriously people really do love to have a good moan. Bishop Justus Church of England School in Bromley, south London will not serve school dinner to students who are not wearing their school blazers. Parents have hit out at the school making all sorts of comments. I won’t go into it.

Parents we need to remember that schools are there to teach our kids and instil some discipline in them. If this means the policy on uniform requires that it must be worn at all times, what is the real issue? We need to start uniting with our schools instead of finding any excuse to attack them and have a moan. Lets also remember they are providing a FREE education so let’s be nice.

One thought on “Disobedient Kids Can Go Hungry

  1. Growing up hungry was a good punishment. Cos we loved our meals so much we always obeyed. Guess the fear of hungry was the beginning of wisdom. Altho am not sure it’s really a good measure tho

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