Party Crashers!


20180209_124950.jpgI’ve accepted I will no longer be able to take a number 2 in peace lol. Every time I go in the bathroom they sense the door lock and come running. Sometimes I’m just in there trying to steal 15 minutes of peace so that I can do a bit of online banking or reply to emails.

Today I thought let me switch locations. There I was wrapped away like a caterpillar in the hammock. It felt so good in fact too good to be true, but I wanted to enjoy it. So I thought I’ll make the most of it and squeeze in a little nap first. Just as my eyes closed I felt something grab hold of me. I kept my eyes closed and screamed because I’m a real big baby and thought it was a lizard or some other creature. I then hear giggling and open my eyes. There the kid’s were reminding me it was too good to be true.

They crash my private party each and every time! Can someone please tell me at what age this will stop? When do they start minding their own business? Lol

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