Through a White Persons Eyes


I wish I could view my kids through the eyes of another race to see how they see them.

When we are abroad the attention they get is ridiculous. I’ve had someone take out a selfie stick and lean in to take a picture without permission. I’ve had someone pull back the hood of the buggy and kneel beside it to take a picture, again without permission. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Are my kids the only black kids that get this sort of attention abroad? Aren’t black kids worldwide? Sometimes I go into defence mode and other times I’m confused thinking is this negative or positive attention? Either way there is no denying that black is beautiful and as they say melanin is popping!

One thought on “Through a White Persons Eyes

  1. When I was in Korea, the Koreans would literally walk up to my brother (with an afro) and myself (with braids) and just stare and start touching our hair in awe and talk to each other. It was like we were an exhibit for what black people look like lol. I think it’s more so like some people abroad may not have actually seen black people in real life and then running into them, they have no idea how to respond but they’re so amazed. It’s weird but I guess in return, if you grew up in an all black country and saw nothing but black people, except on TV, when you actually see one in person you would be like woahhhh. lol


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