Expired Mothers

I really respect mothers that are 20 or even more years into parenthood. I find it really sweet that they offer advice even when you are not asking. I’m sure that it’s coming from a good place but when you don’t take their advice they start telling you how many kids and grandchildren they have. At this point I start thinking to myself is it by force?
I need them to pause and remind themselves how long it has been since you last cared for a baby on a full-time 24 hour daily basis and not just babysitting here and there. Once they realise it was many moons ago I conclude that most of their advice has expired given that they last did what I am currently doing 20 odd years ago or even more. I mean times have changed.
A parent should never feel pressured by another parent that thinks they know it all. You know your child best so I say go with your gut!

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