African Veggie Mum

Its official meat is no longer the main event on my plate, our relationship is over. I have given up all birds, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl the lot. I say goodbye to all creatures of land and sea.

I know I’m new to this but don’t you just hate it when people say ” I’m vegetarian oh but I eat fish” I think pescatarian is what you mean.

Very glad that the kids are happy to drop meat not that they were big fans of it in the first place. Roll on vegetarian weaning for the baby I am actually looking forward to it.

Oh and the picture is what an African vegetarian plate of food looks like, I must say dinner went down a treat.

2 thoughts on “African Veggie Mum

  1. Unfairy Mother your attempt is admirable and your dish looks delish. I’m not sure I could do this though. As scrumptious as your dish looks what are you going to do for the rest of the week?


  2. Madox & Unfairy Mother,

    While I’m picky with all animals I’m by no means a vegetarian, but I will agree with Madox that is an admirable attempt to woe us (with Jellof and Saaalad) at the beginning of your veggie journey . I do think with a little imagination and persistence it’s very possible to eat like this most of the time.

    Good luck Unfairy Mother… we will be on the look out, to see if you stick with it.🤗🤗


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