Travel Vaccine Hell

Today we had the dreaded holiday jabs and I hate needles so the answer is yes it was that bad.

I observed three things, first being the nurse did not wear gloves and got my blood all over her finger as she tried to put the plaster on, yuck! Second she injected the children in both their thighs where as I had it in my arm. Third she said the baby can’t have it as he is too young so he’ll get his protection from my breast milk.

This left me thinking will the children be able to walk at nursery seeing as their thighs were injected as my left arm is barely functioning. Secondly I thought if a baby will be fine on a Caribbean island exposed to mosquitos etc without any vaccinations then why the hell have I just had it done. Shouldn’t my body be more resilient.

I pray that there isn’t a secret agenda behind these travel vaccines they say you need. I cannot afford to have just fallen victim.

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