Control Your Dog Please

As I walked towards my car holding my car seat with baby in it my heart suddenly leaves my chest.

I see a dog barking and running towards me. My reaction was to ask the owner to control their dog. They responded by telling me the dog just wants a pet. I do not agree with a dog jumping on my baby to lick or rub on him if that is how you describe ‘a pet’ am I alone on this?

Note to dog owners please be mindful and understanding that not everyone appreciates that kind of interaction especially when it involves their baby.

I’ve been attacked by a dog whose owner told me it won’t bite as I was casually walking past minding my business. This ended with me in the back of an ambulance on route to the nearest hospital. I hope this helps dog owners understand why I do not want their pets anywhere near my baby. I can just about trust humans let alone animals. No offence intended these are just my feelings.

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