Children Under Attack!


Literally that is how it felt. I’m sat here feeling very happy that this year has started off with a bang because last year felt like it ended with pain and suffering.

All 3 of my children aged 3, 2 and 5 months at the time caught the horrible chicken pox! I have never felt so thinly spread in my 3 years of parenthood. Just imagine the 2 year old sobbing and wanting cuddles, the 3 year old itching and wanting a new application of calamine lotion and the 5 month old wanting to be breastfeed. Boy am I glad its over.

On a lighter note I ran into a mum at the nursery today who said that children can be injected with a strain of chicken pox which comes without the spots and itching. Could this be true? Not sure if I would opt for this, would you?

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