Baby Snatchers

Do people really use holiday resort babysitting services? As a Brit the first thing that comes to my mind when offered this is Madeleine McCann. No chance!

I think to myself how can I carry a child for 9 months and risk losing them all for a few hours of enjoyment which I could end up regretting for a lifetime.

Back home I wouldn’t even leave my kids with some family and friends let alone strangers abroad. Am I over cautious? Would you use a service like this or do you think the same as me?

I’ve Wet Myself!

I woke up warm and wet thinking has my lack Of pelvic floor exercises finally taken effect? I went to the bathroom thinking this is impossible, stuff like this just doesn’t happen to me.

I returned to the bed to assess the puddle only to find that the culprit was my oblivious daughter just laying there with her mouth wide open still dreaming. This is a reminder why I do not co sleep with those that are apparently potty trained. Thank God for 24 hour room service and that walk in power shower.

Cold Turkey


First night out away from the extension of my right arm aka the baby and I must say it was worth it. Chris Rock literally rocked!

However all good things come at a price. The price I paid for this great night out was a very uncomfortable overload of milk as a result of not breastfeeding for all those hours. This serves as a reminder that formula and bottles are fast approaching. Roll on some freedom and let the good times begin!

Childminder From Hell

Why have I seen the childminder that lives next door in the nail shop getting her nails done with the child she looks after running around the shop.

I then later see another childminder I know doing her rounds in brixton market with a child she is minding. I conclude by saying hell no to childminders. The idea of my children inhaling acrylic and nail polish fumes or dodging rotting fruit and veg while walking through brixton market reminds me why I pay the extra for them to go to nursery.

I am sure there are really good childminders out there but I’d rather not take that chance. Thank you and goodbye.

Circumcision Ouch!

I told the Health Visitor that I had my son circumcised and today at the baby clinic she was so eager to have a look asking me “can I see” . I guess that circumcision is not as common as I thought, among other cultures.

In the society we live in today that Health Visitor needs to be cautious about asking with such excitement to see a baby’s private parts. People are way too sensitive these days and take everything to the extreme. Oh how our minds can wonder!

Expired Mothers

I really respect mothers that are 20 or even more years into parenthood. I find it really sweet that they offer advice even when you are not asking. I’m sure that it’s coming from a good place but when you don’t take their advice they start telling you how many kids and grandchildren they have. At this point I start thinking to myself is it by force?
I need them to pause and remind themselves how long it has been since you last cared for a baby on a full-time 24 hour daily basis and not just babysitting here and there. Once they realise it was many moons ago I conclude that most of their advice has expired given that they last did what I am currently doing 20 odd years ago or even more. I mean times have changed.
A parent should never feel pressured by another parent that thinks they know it all. You know your child best so I say go with your gut!

African Veggie Mum

Its official meat is no longer the main event on my plate, our relationship is over. I have given up all birds, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl the lot. I say goodbye to all creatures of land and sea.

I know I’m new to this but don’t you just hate it when people say ” I’m vegetarian oh but I eat fish” I think pescatarian is what you mean.

Very glad that the kids are happy to drop meat not that they were big fans of it in the first place. Roll on vegetarian weaning for the baby I am actually looking forward to it.

Oh and the picture is what an African vegetarian plate of food looks like, I must say dinner went down a treat.

Crush Your Child

That is exactly what would happen. I’ve never understood parents that cycle around on busy london roads with their kids on the back of their bikes or seated in the carriage type thing they have attached to the front.

I get that these parents are most likely team green and want to save the planet but seriously what is most important, the planet in 100 years time or your childs immediate safety?

Cars may not be planet friendly but I would choose them any day of the week when travelling with the kids over a bicycle.

Children Are Not Innocent

This is what some say. I’ve heard people asking if there is a recommended age you stop bathing different sex siblings together.

My kids are still all very young so I don’t think I’ll be crossing that bridge for a while. I think as long as they feel comfortable and there are absolutely no signs of pubity I don’t mind it. However with the world we live in today and the things kids are exposed to getting out of control it won’t surprise me if I think differently once I actually get there.

Travel Vaccine Hell

Today we had the dreaded holiday jabs and I hate needles so the answer is yes it was that bad.

I observed three things, first being the nurse did not wear gloves and got my blood all over her finger as she tried to put the plaster on, yuck! Second she injected the children in both their thighs where as I had it in my arm. Third she said the baby can’t have it as he is too young so he’ll get his protection from my breast milk.

This left me thinking will the children be able to walk at nursery seeing as their thighs were injected as my left arm is barely functioning. Secondly I thought if a baby will be fine on a Caribbean island exposed to mosquitos etc without any vaccinations then why the hell have I just had it done. Shouldn’t my body be more resilient.

I pray that there isn’t a secret agenda behind these travel vaccines they say you need. I cannot afford to have just fallen victim.