Child Smokers

ecToday I found it quite odd seeing what looked like a 12 year old child smoking an e-cigarette. First thoughts were how long have you been smoking before you made the switch to e-cigarettes or is there a new trend where people now start their life as smokers with e-cigarettes.
I then started to think as an adult it’s your choice to smoke and you shouldn’t be condemned for it. But as the saying goes children are like sponges and will copy most of what they see. So if you smoke around your children are you setting them up to be smokers? If so is this fair?

Living In A War Zone

(Image: Reuters)

More deaths due to gun and knife crime and its beginning to sound disgustingly casual almost like saying “another one bites the dust”. This is far from the London I grew up in.

It definitely takes a village and ‘The Village’ need to pull together to nurture and guide these kids. We all need to drop little seeds of wisdom and guidance in the young people we interact with and as they grow all of these good seeds that have been planted over time will come to fruition.

I think we will have more hope working as a community to tackle this. When I think of the police concerning this matter, I think of Stephen Lawrence and how they treated his case. So I ask how do we as ‘The Village’ engage our young people ? Especially those that may lack guidance at home.

Do black teenage girls look ridiculous?

20180502_130245.jpgI made a rare journey on a London bus during the morning rush hour and I stood there observing those around me as you do. I saw a group of black girls in their school uniform who I assume were on their way to school.

I couldn’t help but think to myself how did we get to a place where black teenage girls go to school wearing wigs or super long weave disguising their natural hair. How has this become normal at such a young age? Think about it and say it to yourself “black teenage girl wearing a wig to school” it sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Look at what society has done to our young black queens and as parents have we allowed it?

This just makes me feel like I now need to work even harder to ensure my 4 year old daughter will grow up and feel comfortable with her hair.

Not Exactly Perfect!


(Image: Daily Mirror)

Since the birth of our new prince, the number of mothers I have heard beating themselves up about how perfect Kate looks after giving birth is ridiculous.  A lot of women seem to think that they looked like crap after giving birth asking themselves how has Kate managed to look so good.

I thought it was obvious but I guess not so let me remind you. She is a part of the royal family which I imagine means you have a team of people to make sure that you look picture perfect before you are seen in public. Someone to do your hair, make-up, brush your teeth, the lot. I’m sure she could even have someone to wipe her backside if she wanted. So there you have it Kate is just like any other mother except that she bears the weight of the public opinion on her shoulders and cannot be caught slipping!


A School charged students 5p for cups to drink water on the hottest day.

Are times really that hard? or did the headteacher just see it as a way to make a quick buck? Either way, it had me thinking what happened to drinking fountains in the playground? Daily Mail has the full story.

Can it be that dangerous?

billPhoto: Facebook

It is comments like this whether it be true or false that remind me of how lucky we are. Here in the UK, the NHS remains free at the point of need which is definitely useful if you are about to give birth.

The NHS is not perfect but we sure do have it a lot better than some others.  All we need to do is take a look at the healthcare systems in other parts of the world.

I do pray that healthcare in Nigeria and other parts of the world improves to the point of rivalling healthcare in the United States and the UK as they have the academic talent needed.

Simply Incredible


Image: Facebook, Hadia-Hosny-El-Said

This looks amazing! This photo captured the birth of a baby born in the red sea. The placenta is being held in the bowl and the umbilical cord is still attached to the baby. This must have been truly special to witness. How many people can say they gave birth at sea literally!

They say water births are the most relaxing and stress-free so I guess this must be so and even better if it’s in the warm red sea rather than a birthing pool.

I did not get to have a water birth during my 3 experiences of childbirth.  Had I thought of this I would have definitely added the red sea to my birthing plan lol